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Private 1-2-1 lessons to improve your English

Our private/individual class plan is our premium level service. This option offers incredible flexibility to design a course specifically for the individual’s objectives.

The class timetable can be planned week by week or fixed, depending on the student’s wishes.

All of our class options (General English, Business English & Exam preparation) are offered in this way.

Alternatively, students can decide the focus of their classes in their pre-course consultation with the instructor. Maybe you would like to focus on grammar, speaking (fluency/accuracy) or perhaps you would like to bring English from your working life into your class for fuller comprehension.

online private english lessons
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Private lesson (1-2-1) benefits

We work with you to develop the course that is right for your level and your individual objectives.

If you would like to pass a Cambridge exam, improve your Business English or General English then we can prepare you. The courses will be structured to focus on your chosen Cambridge exam dates..

Here are just a few of the benefits of our online private courses

Focused: allows for the course to be designed and executed specifically around the student’s needs.

Flexible: timetables and classes can be organised week-by-week or with a fixed timetable.

Choice: select any of the course types or have a specific course designed for your needs.

Whether you would like to improve your conversational English, or to work toward achieving exam results, our team can help.

Perfect to improve communication skills and for exams

Our highly experienced teachers can prepare you for a range of Cambridge main suite English exams. From PET (B1) through to FCE ( B2) , CAE (C1) to CPE (C2). We also offer courses for IELTS.

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