Grammar Course Outline

Understanding grammar is the key to great language skills

We strongly believe that a good understanding of grammatical concepts is essential, not only for student’s  understanding of a language but also to provide speakers with confidence in their everyday interactions in English.

Grammar is often seen as being boring or unfashionable in many modern teaching methodologies but grammar is the key system in language that supports all the students’ language skills. It is not the objective of learning a language, but for any student wishing to sound ‘polished’ and proficient, whether in their speaking or writing, good grammar provides a very strong foundation.

english grammar course online
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We also believe that grammar cannot be studied in isolation. Focusing on already comprehended texts (reading or listening, given as homework tasks each week) to focus on grammar forms provides students with the relevant context and natural setting for language.

On our grammar course you will start classes with short comprehension exercises (from a range of contemporary native speaker materials including television programmes, newspapers, novels, radio broadcasts) or with short, introductory tasks to help define students’ existing knowledge of the grammar areaa before moving on to focus on specific grammar forms present in the example texts/tasks

Developing your English Grammar

You will receive a presentation on the specific grammar point, and an opportunity to practice in a controlled manner followed by freer speaking activities. These activities will generally focus on students’ accuracy rather than the normal fluency focus at this stage of a lot of classes.

Because this course focuses on grammar, and therefore accuracy, you can expect a high level of correction, and to focus on developing a more precise use of the English language, with some work on pronunciation when appropriate.

Grammar Areas Covered/Content for modules (flexible content by month)

MODULE 1: conditionals (real/unreal), past forms, +ing/+to, Conjuncts
MODULE 2: The Passive Voice, Reported Speech, Future Forms
MODULE 3: Wish, Modals (past/present/future), Relative Clauses, Conjuncts Pt 2
MODULE 4: Perfect tenses, Conjuncts Pt 3, Comparative structures, Preposition usage

english grammar course online

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