Group English Classes

Why not join an open group with others or  a closed group with friends or colleagues?

Joining a class as an individual is one of the most popular choices for students studying English. It has many benefits.

The ‘open group’ option is the most affordable way of studying but more importantly it also fulfils a lot of students’ requirements of an English language course.

The truth is, while many students have the objective of understanding native speakers in their second languages, English is so widely spoken around the world that the majority of interactions between English language speakers will involve two non-native speakers.

Our open groups are multilingual, with a strong international flavour. Studying this way will enable you to connect with students from around the world and to exchange ideas and thoughts with each other.

A fun, affordable way of improving your General or Business English, or preparing for an exam.

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Public (open ) group benefits

Regular: fixed timetable allowing you to plan for your classes effectively.

Affordable: the cheapest option among the group courses.

Balanced: a mixture of approaches of communicative language teaching, task based learning and the lexical approach.

International: students from different countries and backgrounds in your class of a maximum of six students.

Private (closed) group benefits

Reliable: choose a fixed timetable for your group.

Personal: form a group with friends or colleagues

Flexible: choose your own course type or design your own course!

Good value: share the cost with your friends and colleagues, making this a cheaper option than a 1-2-1 course, with the same flexibility in course design.

Perfect for passing International Exams

We can prepare you for a range of Cambridge main suite English exams. From PET (B1) through to FCE ( B2) , CAE (C1) to CPE (C2). We also offer courses for IELTS.

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Whether you would like to improve your conversational English, or to work toward achieving exam results, our team can help.

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General English Courses

Our general English courses are theme based to involve a focus on the development of a student’s specific topic vocabulary through reading/listening & speaking tasks. (Listening in class, Reading exercises for homework with feedback in class)

It is our belief that a lot of grammar study that takes place in classrooms is either unnecessary or misfocused.

Focus on grammar/form is best looked at after completion of tasks. So, for example, a reading comprehension text that students have understood is a good source of material for studying grammar/form or simply to check the students understanding of structure.

So, a typical class might look something like this:

  • A short introduction to the theme/topic of the class with some speaking and vocabulary to engage the student.
  • A task (typically listening in class) for comprehension and further investigation of the topic.
  • A post-task review, including any new vocabulary or grammatical forms that are new to the class or a focus on a grammar structure within the listening task that students would benefit from.
  • To finish the class, a discussion between students around the topic, using the new vocabulary learnt and/or a speaking practice designed to help students increase their accurate use of a grammar structure.
  • For homework, maybe a short reading task to be discussed in the next class or a small piece of writing around the topic.

Groups can be organised in a number of ways to provide students with the flexibility they require and the motivation of an objective to each course, including a Certificate from an external organisation.

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