Marketing English Courses

Online specialist Marketing English courses, designed to your specific needs!

Our marketing course, similar to other specialist courses we offer, is based around our general English class scheme with a focus on specific areas of interest to this field.

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marketing english lessons courses

Marketing Course Content

  • Corporate identity
  • Logos
  • Branding
  • Market research
  • Customer profiles
  • Data collection
  • Marketing plans
  • The four Ps
  • AIDA model for advertising
  • Working with agencies
  • Advertising and distribution channels
  • Types of discount
  • Types of retailer
  • Telemarketing and direct marketing
  • Public relations
  • Website as marketing tools
  • Sponsoring
  • Press releases
  • Giveaways
  • Organising events and attending trade fairs
If you are interested in one or more of these courses, please contact us to enquire about them.
Similar to our other specialist courses, these courses can be designed for individual needs in a timeframe convenient for you.

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