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In an increasingly connected, globalised world, a common second language is often seen as an essential skill for Business people.

Our General Business English courses are structured in a similar way to our General English courses, with a focus on comprehension of texts (written and spoken), building Business vocabulary and improving oral fluency and accuracy.

We are also very pleased to be able to offer some more specialist courses in English (ESP: English for Specific Purposes).


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Business English lessons structure and exams

We also organise exam preparation courses for the Cambridge University Business English examinations.

These courses (General or Exam) are offered in all of our available forms (individual classes/open group/closed group).

A particularly popular choice for Business English is the closed group option. It allows small groups of colleagues and/or Businesses to organise a course specifically designed for their needs (Written Business English/Conversational Business English being two very popular choices).

Our Business English courses are run in a very similar way to our General English courses. They will consist of vocabulary study, and a task cycle (normally listening), with speaking activities to help students activate their new learning (either vocabulary or structure) and gain fluency/accuracy in the use of the target language.

Perfect to improve communication skills and for exams

Our Business Examination courses (Vantage/B2 and Higher/C1) are almost identical to our other exam courses.

More exam information here

They will consist of an introduction to the exam, where students are familiarised with the different tasks and exercises that the exam is made up of, followed by focus on specific language forms and vocabulary that will help the student maximise their performance in the exam itself. The third part of the course is exam practice (in reality the second and third parts of the course overlap significantly)

Cambridge B2 Business Vantage Exam

Cambridge C1 Business Higher Exam

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